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Creating your "Dear Birthparent(s)" webpage

We will publish your "Dear Birthparent(s)" letter on using our standard webpage format.

Adoption professionals recommend that these detailed letters include occupation(s), hobbies, personality styles, religious affiliation, family configuration, home environment, and anything else you feel provides an accurate portrait of the type of life you will provide for a child. It may be helpful to refer to letters currently posted on for examples.

In addition to your letter, your webpage will contain:

  • 4 photographs (additional photos can be added for a nominal fee). The photos will be placed on the webpage adjacent to relevant content in your letter. Please refer to our example listing to see a simple version of what this looks like.

    Photographs should help tell your story and include you, your home, other children, family, close friends, activities you enjoy, pets and anything else to better depict your life. Our experience shows that webpages with more photographs have more positive results. Birthparent(s) need to be able to imagine the kind of life his/her child will have when you are chosen as the adoptive family. Nothing does that better than pictures!

  • Contact information for you and/or your adoption professional (e-mail, phone, etc.).
  • A survey form for birthparents to give you valuable feedback on your letter.

Our "Find A Family" search engine

Potential Birthparent(s) find your webpage on through our "Find a Family" search engine. We specifically designed this feature so that each search leads to at least one prospective adoptive family. With "Find a Family" we've eliminated disappointing searches that yield zero reaults. In addition to a direct link to your webpage, the search results show a small picture of you and a Descriptive Paragraph.

Gold level members may choose ten search terms to uniquely identify their listing. Search terms currently appearing on the "Find a Family" webpage were all chosen by active clients. When you become a memeber of Adoption Online, you are welcome to request that we add new search terms to reflect your uniqueness! Please visit the "Find A Family" page to see the search terms currently in use.

Priority listing: Gold level members listings appear at the top of the "Find A Family" search results ahead of all other members.

When you become a member of Adoption Online in addition to your "Dear Birthparent(s)" letter and photos, you provide us with the Descriptive Paragraph to be used in the search results. The Descriptive Paragraph is designed to encourage a potential Birthparent to click on the link to your webpage, read your letter, see your pictures and learn more about you. This brief text can be a synopsis of your listing or whatever you think will be effective. See our Descriptive Paragraph example to see how this works.

Free Bonus services.

Gold members get these additional FREE services

  • Submission of your web page to the top Internet search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Immediate notification of adoption opportunities that we learn about.
  • Changes and modifications to your web site. (editing your letter, changing search terms etc.).
  • Prompt customer service by phone or E-mail to answer questions, provide advice, resolve problems, or anything else.
  • Minor photo-retouching and enhancing such as redeye removal, cropping, color optimization etc.

Networking and Advertising

Adoption Online believes that there is a child for everyone wanting to adopt, it's just a matter of time and adequate exposure. Our goal is to attract as many potential Birthparents to your web page as possible. We do this using a variety of methods which include:

  • Internet advertising of our web sites (linking, banner ads and search engines).
  • Over 150 domain names that lead to (,,, are just a few examples)
  • Ads in magazines and trade journals.
  • Networking with Adoption Professionals.
  • Interviews and articles published in newspapers and magazines.
  • A press release describing distributed to news services, magazines and adoption agencies nationwide.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients, Birthparents and Adoption Professionals.

We encourage you to spread the word as well! Consider contacting your local newspapers and television news departments, posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This type of exposure is very helpful and we have seen many families benefit their efforts.

Additional Services

  • Add more photos to your webpage
    Additional photos are a great way to tell your story. Add as many photos as you would like to your webpage (there is a small one-time fee per photo)
    Have your picture displayed on almost all pages on (over 100!) Gold members pictures are shown more often than Bronze level members.
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Gold Level Membership Cost

Setup, creation of your webpage including 4 pictures & inclusion in our "Find A Family" search engine: $250 for the first 3 months.
$40 for each additional month.

Additional photos (4 are included with your basic membership).
Includes setup, scanning (if needed), optimization/retouching.
$15 each,
(one time charge)

Featured Family Optional Service. $50 NOW INCLUDED FREE!
(one time charge)

Become a Gold Level Member of
Adoption Online

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